Kansai Cricket Association

Cricket joins the 39th Annual Kyoto Prefectural Citizens' Comprehensive Sports Festival

On October 30th, a cricket experience event was held at Kyoto Prefecture Yamanashi Comprehensive Sports Park.

Kyoto Gakuen University was represented by Mr. Okamoto, and there were 7 participants from Doshisha University, 3 from Ryukoku University, 5 from Joto High School, 2 from Shiga Cricket Club, 2 from our university’s Phoenix Cricket Academy, and 2 teachers, making a total of 20 participants. In the morning, 25 elementary school students participated, and in the afternoon, 13 students joined in.

There was also the participation of alumni from Doshisha University Cricket Club, a husband and wife pair, making the event lively and enjoyable. This event was requested as part of the Kyoto Prefecture Citizens’ Comprehensive Sports Festival, and it was a valuable learning and experience opportunity for the students.

At the Uzumasa Campus, a pre-tournament and meeting were held with over 80 teachers and students from accredited national curriculum schools in the Kansai region as a prelude to next year’s National Curriculum Accredited School Exchange Meeting.

The event served as a gathering for teachers and students from various schools, with Kyoto Gakuen University at the center, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation. For more details, please visit the Kyoto Prefecture Sports Association’s website.