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Kyoto Super Lions Victors in Kansai Division 1 Finals

In a thrilling encounter at the Kaizuka Cricket Field, the Kyoto Super Lions emerged victorious against the Kobe Hawks in the finals of the Kansai Division 1 Japan Cup. The match witnessed some exceptional...

Osaka Kings Clinch Kansai Division 2 Title in Dominant Fashion

In a thrilling finale of the Kansai Division 2 of the Japan Cup, Osaka Kings emerged victorious after a clinical performance against Keihan Blaze. The match, held at the picturesque Kaizuka Cricket Field...

Doshisha Defeat Waseda in Women's Champions Wicket 2023

In a highly anticipated match of the Women’s Champions Wicket 2023, Doshisha University Women emerged victorious over Waseda University Women in a thrilling contest at the Showa Athletic Ground. Winning...

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Kyoto Super Lions win Japan Cup 2022

In the Japan Cup Kansai Div.1 final, the Kaizuka Cup, the undefeated Kyoto Super Lions came out on top in the regional finals, defeating the second-placed Osaka Lions to claim their first championship win. Their...

Kobe Hawks Champions Again in 2021

In the Japan Cup Division 1 Finals match held on September 23rd at at Kaizuka Cricket Field, Kobe Hawks defeated Osaka Lions to lift the trophy for the second year in a row. Congratulations. Match Report Kobe Hawks T20...

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Shitennouji University qualify for Champions Wicket 2016

In the 2016 Fuji Qualifiers, Shitennoji University, who secured the top position in the Kansai region, defeated Keio University and Waseda University, earning their place in the Champions’ Wicket! The match will...

Cricket Blast - March 2016

Phoneix Cricket Academy enjoyed a wonderful day at the Akishima Cricket Blast tournament.

There was an article written by Kyoto Newspaper about them as well


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