Kansai Cricket Association

13th Kameoka WAKUWAKU Festival 2016

On June 26th, under clear skies, the 13th Kameoka WAKUWAKU Festival began. Even the children who were initially worried participated, and 170 of them enjoyed various activities in the gymnasium and Green Plaza with their passports.

The student-planned “Keidoro” event had more participants than expected. The cricket booth also attracted a large number of people. The Child Rearing Forum, hosted by the Nantan Education Bureau, saw many parents bringing their children to participate, thanks to the presence of WAKUWAKU. This created a synergistic effect!

In the cricket booth, children received coaching from foreign coaches, and their faces were filled with delight. I heard that the reception and assistance from the dance team members were wonderful. The Yosakoi dance experience was also well-received.

With the involvement of all 170 contributors, 400 participants, and ultimately 570 participants, it was truly amazing!