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Women's East Asia Cup to be held at Kaizuka Cricket Field

We are pleased to announce that the Women’s East Asia Cup will be held at Kaizuka City’s Kaizuka Municipal Drone Cricket Field in Osaka Prefecture.

The Women’s East Asia Cup will take place from October 27th to 30th this year, featuring four teams: Japan, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. These teams will compete in a round-robin format, and based on the round-robin results, there will be final matches and a third-place playoff.

This marks the first time in six years that Japan is hosting the East Asia Cup, following the hosting of the men’s tournament in 2016. It is also the first time Japan is hosting the women’s event. Furthermore, this is the first international cricket tournament to be held in western Japan.

The Japan Cricket Association (JCA) signed a “City Development Agreement for Cricket” with Kaizuka City and the Kansai Cricket Association in 2018. Since then, they have started promotional activities in the city and held events in local primary schools. In October 2020, the “Kaizuka Municipal Drone Cricket Field,” the first full-fledged cricket field in western Japan, opened and hosted events like the Kansai qualifiers for national competitions, student championships, and introductory events for elementary school students. The hosting of international tournaments is expected to further promote “Cricket City” development.

Alan Carr, JCA’s Head of Cricket Operations, expressed excitement about hosting the event, saying, “Hosting an international tournament in Kaizuka City is a historic first, and we are very much looking forward to it. We will strive to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for both fans and players.”

The Women’s Japanese national team finished third in the Women’s East Asia Cup held in South Korea in 2019. This year, with the addition of coach Ardine Ruhode, they are working towards winning the tournament.


10月26日(水) 各チーム到着/練習
10月31日(月) 各チーム出発

East Asia Cup
The East Asia Cup is a tournament featuring four teams from Japan, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. The women’s tournament is held on a rotational basis among the participating teams each year. In the Women’s East Asia Cup, China won in the 2015 Korean tournament, Hong Kong in the 2017 Hong Kong tournament, and China again in the 2019 Korean tournament.

On the other hand, in the Men’s East Asia Cup, South Korea won in the 2016 Japanese tournament, and Japan emerged victorious in the 2018 Hong Kong tournament.

When combining both men’s and women’s tournaments, Japan, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong have each taken home the championship at different times, making it a highly competitive event featuring evenly matched teams.