Kansai Cricket Association

Annual Awards Ceremony 2016

At the Kyoto Gakuen University Kyoto Uzumasa Campus restaurant, 100 people gathered for the Kinki Cricket Association’s 2016 awards ceremony. The opening address was given by President Hideo Tanaka. The men’s champions of the Student Championship this year were Shitennoji University, while the Women’s Challenge Cup went to Osaka’s Kamimura High School. MVPs, Best Bowlers, and Best Batsmen from each tournament were also honored.

The shining moment came from the youngest participant, Naoki Okamoto, who had competed in the Japan Cup. He took five wickets in bowling, dismissing five adult players and receiving the Fighting Spirit Award.

In the Junior Stars Cup, all members of the Phoenix Cricket Academy, who had worked hard for a year, were awarded gold medals.

Next year, let’s continue to play cricket for smiles! In the 2026 Asian Games (held in Nagoya), cricket will be an official event, and we are determined to build on the excitement of the past decade.