Kansai Cricket Association

Kaizuka Cricket Festival 2019

The “Kaizuka Cricket Festival 2019” will be held!

Venue: Youth Sports Field (1-4-1 Higashiyama, Kaizuka City, accessible on foot from Mizuma Railway Mori Station)

*Parking is available (limited spaces).

Time: 13:00~

Event Highlights:

  • 6-a-side simplified cricket matches (Registration required, see below for details)
  • Screening and commentary of cricket plays
  • Mini cricket experience
  • Merchandise corner
  • Festival stalls
  • Food trucks
  • And much more for children and adults to enjoy! All activities are free to participate in!

On the day of the event, multiple active Japanese national team players are expected to attend!

[6-a-side Simplified Cricket Overview]Target Audience: Anyone from elementary school age and above. Individual registrations or registrations with fewer than 6 players are also welcome (combined teams or staff assistance will be provided).

How to Register: Email the number of participants and the name of the representative (in hiragana) to [kaizukacricket@gmail.com]. If there are participants below junior high school age, please indicate that as well. The deadline for registration is November 15.

Even if you are new to cricket or completely unfamiliar with the rules, you can still enjoy the game. We look forward to receiving many registrations!

[Contact Information]Email: kaizukacricket@gmail.com
Tel: 050-7132-1044