Kansai Cricket Association

Umpire and Scoring Workshop

On Wednesday, March 15th, the Kinki Cricket Association organized an Umpire and Scoring Workshop at Kyoto Gakuen University Uzumasa Campus. This event attracted a larger number of participants compared to the previous workshop and included members from Four Heavenly Kings University, Doshisha University, Ryukoku University, Jokam High School, as well as individuals from the community.

This activity, aimed at improving the level of cricket knowledge and umpiring skills in the Kansai region, marked the second edition of the workshop this year.

For this workshop, Ryu Taniya, a first-year student from Ryukoku University, led the Umpire workshop, while Yuto Sato, a first-year student from Bukkyo University, conducted the Scoring workshop.

The content of both workshops covered basic rules, explanations of dismissals, and scoring methods. Afterward, in the Umpire workshop, participants were tested on LBW decisions using video clips, and in the Scoring workshop, a simulated scoring exercise based on real match scenarios was carried out. These hands-on activities engaged participants and allowed them to focus and learn effectively.

In the Kansai region, universities, high schools, and community teams are gearing up for the new season starting in April. The knowledge gained from this workshop will be applied in their future activities, with the aim of making the upcoming year even more successful than the previous one.