Kansai Cricket Association

Kaizuka Cricket Field Official Opening

As the first full-fledged cricket field in western Japan, the Kaizuka City Cricket Field will have its grand opening on October 4th (Sunday).

Approximately three years have passed since the signing of the “Agreement on Promoting Cricket in the City” between Kaizuka City, the Japan Cricket Association, and a third party in January 2018. During this time, they have focused on promoting cricket through events in the city and coaching activities in elementary schools.

The newly completed Kaizuka City Cricket Field boasts an area of approximately 12,000 square meters and is expected to serve as a hub for cricket activities in western Japan. Kaizuka City is easily accessible from the Osaka metropolitan area and is also very close to Kansai International Airport. This accessibility is expected to attract cricket players from both within Japan and abroad, creating a vibrant cricket community in Kaizuka City.

Furthermore, during the opening event on October 4th (Sunday), in addition to the opening ceremony, there will be demonstrations by members of the Japanese national team’s training squad, as well as the Kaizuka Cup, which is the final match of the Japan Cup Kansai Tournament.