Kansai Cricket Association

Autum 2019 Event Report, Kaizuka Project

This autumn, we had the opportunity to showcase our cricket booth at various events:

  • On September 21, we had a cricket booth at the Osaka Kashiwara Rehabilitation University Festival, “Senka-sai.” The Cricket Struck-Out made its debut!
  • On October 20, at the Kaisuka City Sports Day held at Kaisuka City Third Junior High School, we introduced a speed gun to measure how fast participants could throw a cricket ball.
  • On October 27, at the Futamigaura Beach & Park Run, our cricket enthusiasts participated in the marathon (in costume).
  • On November 16, at the Kaisuka Cricket Festival 2019, we had a great turnout, and we organized a 6-a-side tournament. Besides cricket, we enjoyed authentic Indian curry, a taste of cricket’s home cuisine, and played games like superball scooping.

Congratulations to the teams that achieved two wins!

We are excited to announce that a cricket ground is scheduled to be completed next year. Let’s continue to promote cricket in Kaisuka and make cricket thrive in Kaisuka!