Kansai Cricket Association

Uenomiya Womens team advance to Champions Wicket Tournament

On September 10th, the men’s Fuji Qualifiers were held, followed by the women’s qualifiers on September 11th.

The Fuji Qualifiers are a national tournament where top teams from the student championship compete for the last spot to enter the Champions’ Wicket, determining the best cricket team in Japan.

Representing Kansai, the men’s teams included Ryukoku University (Kansai 1st place) and Shitennoji University (Kansai 2nd place). The women’s team was represented by Kamimura High School (Kansai 1st place).

[Men’s Division]

Ryukoku University had a close victory in the first match against Keio University, a formidable team that finished 2nd in the country last year. However, they were defeated by Waseda University, last year’s national champions, in their second match and were eliminated.

Shitennoji University was defeated in their first match against Waseda University, last year’s champions, and were eliminated.

[Women’s Division]

The reigning national champions, Kamimura High School women’s team, secured victory against Showa Women’s University. As a result, they have earned a spot in the Champions’ Wicket, which will take place on September 22nd at Showa Athletic Stadium in Akishima, Tokyo.