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Kaizuka Project

Kansai Cricket Association fully cooperate in “Community Development with Cricket” in Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture.

Although cricket is the second largest sport in player population in the world, in Japan it is still a minor sport. However, there is no doubt that cricket in Japan is growing rapidly. For example, several former professional baseball players have turned to cricket players, and the U19 Japan National Team recently qualified for the World Cup for the first time.

Cricket gives us experiences in the global community because the player population is large in the world and in addition there are many foreign players in Japan. It would also cultivate our gentlemanship as it is said that cricket is a gentleman’s sport. From these points of view, cricket is an attractive sport and bring us many valuable things.

Our Kansai ground at Kaizuka Cricket Field is close to Kansai International Airport, so we expect there will also be a great future for international cricket activities in Kaizuka City.

Contact Details for Kaizuka Project Enquiries

mail : kaizukacricket@gmail.com


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